The following will be included with all 35mm programs:

Technical Specifications

Incredibles 2 and Bao are formatted for playback at 2.39:1. Bao is 1.85, and is presented pillarboxed within the 2.39 frame (black bars on the sides) to preserve its aspect ratio.

The whole image is important to the story, so be sure you’re showing the entire 2.39 image, side-to-side and top-to-bottom, and that focus is sharp across the entire picture. Your theater sound system should be tuned to 85dB (C-weighted) on all screen channels using pink noise. The correct fader setting on Dolby systems is 7.

35mm Film Specifications
Lamp Levels

Projection lamp levels that are set too low have a disastrous effect on the picture. When projected at the SMPTE standard of 16fL open gate, the image is sharp and colorful. At lower levels, the colors become muddy and gray. The picture has less snap to it and feels lifeless. Important details in the darker areas will disappear if the light levels are too low.

Projection Lamp Levels

Dolby Digital EX
Cyan dye analog Dolby SR

Datasat discs are included with every print.


Here are the first and last frames of each reel of Incredibles 2. These are provided to help you identify the reels in case you receive a print that is mislabeled or incorrectly cut. The numbers above each image show the lengths of the first and last shots on each reel, in feet and frames.

If you need a reel or an entire print replaced, call (877) 272-3870. Replacements will be sent overnight. This service is provided by Deluxe Entertainment Services and is available 24 hours a day.

Click a thumbnail for a larger view.

Footage: 1728'+04
  • Head: 7'+8
    Reel 1 - Head
  • Tail: 9'+9
    Reel 1 - Tail
Footage: 1534'+12
  • Head: 4'+3
    Reel 2 - Head
  • Tail: 4'+4
    Reel 2 - Tail
Footage: 1595'+0
  • Head: 7'+9
    Reel 3 - Head
  • Tail: 3'+12
    Reel 3 - Tail
Footage: 1707'+1
  • Head: 6'+14
    Reel 4 - Head
  • Tail: 16'+7
    Reel 4 - Tail
Footage: 1587'+8
  • Head: 11'+7
    Reel 5 - Head
  • Tail: 8'+0
    Reel 5 - Tail
Perfect Projection Checklist
  • Do a Run-Through of the Built-Up Print
  • Confirm that you are running Flat Format (1.85:1)
  • Confirm Projection Light Level (16fL open gate)
  • Confirm Sound Level (85dB), Dolby/DTS Faders at 7, SDDS at 0
  • Fresh Lamp Life (70% of rated life remaining)
  • Full Framing (no image cut off)
  • Sharp Focus Across Entire Image
  • Sharp, Tight Masking That Doesn’t Cut Off Picture
  • Check and Clean Aperture Plate
  • Check Cleanliness and Operation of Entire Film Path