Incredibles 2

This site is for the exclusive use of projectionists and technicians exhibiting Incredibles 2, a Disney·Pixar presentation. We recognize, support, and reward the contribution of those in the projection profession. Presentation is everything; your job is important to us. We have spent years crafting the picture and sound for this movie and now it is in your hands. We rely on you to give your guests Perfect Projection. This site will provide you with the information you need to make Incredibles 2 the best-presented film of 2018.

About the Feature

Incredibles 2 resumes where The Incredibles ends, with the introduction of the villain The Underminer (John Ratzenberger). The Parr family struggles to maintain normal lives while Helen (Holly Hunter), as Elastigirl, continues to fight crime and campaign for the return of "supers"; while Bob (Craig T. Nelson), AKA Mr. Incredible, stays at home caring for their children Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Huck Milner) and Jack-Jack, discovering the baby's secret powers in the process. Also, the Parrs and their ally Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) find they must battle a new villain, who goes by the name of Screenslaver.

From the Director
Brad Bird

I’m Brad Bird, writer and director of Incredibles 2. At Pixar, we not only make movies, we LOVE them. Every member of our very large crew was drawn to Pixar not only out of love for movies, but also for the THEATRICAL EXPERIENCE; gathering in front of a GIANT screen and sharing an uninterrupted dream with strangers in the dark. There’s nothing else like it.

All of us who work in films know that our industry has more and better competitors than ever before. We also know how to keep our business healthy; by DELIVERING QUALITY.

We expect the best from our team, from the very first kernel of a good story idea to—years of effort later— the final presentation…

YOU are now the most crucial member of our team because you are the one who will deliver Incredibles 2 to our audience.

It doesn’t matter how much effort we expended in making i2 a great cinematic experience unless YOU ensure it is presented with care. To use a sports analogy; YOU HAVE THE BALL. People come out to the movies, to your theater, for a special experience, to share a dream in the dark.


Please take the time to run through Incredibles 2 before your first public screening to be sure that the picture looks bright (go through our check list) and properly focused, and that the audio levels are properly set (some scenes are very quiet, but sonically detailed— while others should ROCK THE HOUSE).

We’ve done everything in our powers to make a kick-ass film. Now… IT’S UP TO YOU.

We rely on your expertise and count on you to help us present Incredibles 2 at the very highest level. Video games? Television? No—MOVIES.

We’re in this together. LET’S KNOCK THEM OUT!!

Perfect Projection

At Disney·Pixar, we know that all of our creative effort in making a film pours through the lens from the projection booth, and is shown to audiences on a giant movie screen. No amount of attention during the production is more important than that of the projectionist, who, with care and precision, shows the movie to the theater’s waiting guests. Bad projection can spoil years of work that were put into the making of the movie. Perfect Projection literally makes it shine, and causes audiences to come back for more.

We at Pixar recognize the essential part that technicians and projectionists play in presenting our movies to the public, and want to provide help to make it perfect.